This month marks the 30th anniversary of Black History Month. Excellent resources are provided on the official web site: http://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk

Below are the weekly PowerPoint’s for this month:

2nd – 6th Oct

9th – 13th Oct

Mary’s meals

October is also traditionally the month associated with the Rosary.  The Holy Rosary is not a pious practice banished to the past, like prayers of other times thought of with nostalgia. Instead, the Rosary is experiencing a new Springtime. Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that “Without a doubt, this is one of the most eloquent signs of love that the young generation nourish for Jesus and his Mother, Mary. In the current world, so dispersive, this prayer helps to put Christ at the centre, as the Virgin did, who meditated within all that was said about her Son, and also what he did and said.”

50 teenagers remind us why we engage in this wonderful prayer:



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